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E Numbers Calc v1.3 apk

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What’s in your food? Do you know all the components of the meals you consume?

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There are food additives in almost every single meals that you consume - some of them are secure, but some are damaging to your overall health. With this application, you can swiftly verify „which is which“ whenever you go purchasing.

This application can help you in your food shopping. With the E Calculator, you can find the additive by its E quantity extremely rapidly, or you can search the additive by name, making use of the E List (this case is specially valuable when the meals manufacturer utilizes names of additives instead of E numbers). E numbers are categorized from 1 (great) to 5 (unsafe), to give you an thought about their security or overall health dangers.

Much more than 500 food additives with their name, security level and goal are integrated in this application. You can simply switch amongst diverse languages of meals additives names, this is incredibly helpful when you are abroad and want to check additives written in foreign language (at present English, German, French, Spanish and Czech is supported). Also detailed information about most of additives are integrated - like dietary restrictions for vegetarians, vegans and religious groups, detailed description of side effects, origin and other info. No want to download any information from internet, almost everything is incorporated inside of the application.

The plan is localized in English, French, German, Spanish and Czech language.

Give us feedback, we will prepare new versions of this application with functions that will be customized to your request!

Necessary Android O/S : 1.6+

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Download : 1.5Mb APK

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