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Android Office, Word DOC, CSV v3.1 apk

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Android office ,view,edit and e mail docs,txt,xml,csv Files-Just what you wanted. Android Office !

Android Workplace, Word DOC, CSV v3.1market.android.com.android.Office
Currently help for reading and editing MS Word files( .doc , .docx , .rtf ), Text file, workplace XML files and CSV files.
This is a great solution that you are about to discover.
No extra license is required, no Ads, no Hidden fees, and most of all our assistance team is always at your service (we reply quickly).

Characteristics : 

Word and Text Files : Create, View and Edit any word file. Spell Check, Search, Effortless Selection, all buttons are dynamic, Decorate the chosen text, Produce Emails, add Photos, in-app ready icons(like in the image), Header/Footer, hyperlinks, and several much more attributes, actual web page size(choice for viewing and zooming also), straightforward and enjoyable to use, user friendly.

CSV Files : View, Edit and Save Excel files, Sum Columns, Search and Edit, Sort descending/acceding according to any column, Save(save guard- to steer clear of lost of information), easy to use, user friendly.
Numerous records as you may need to load (100 records per web page, numerous pages as your file is). Add CSV, add one CSV file to another, letting you combine as numerous CSV files as you want into a single file.

The Word editor, is fully dynamic, straightforward and fun to use, user friendly, it is addicting to write Documents whilst making use of Android Workplace, open/edit/view MS word files, word-pad files, text files,( .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, .xml).
Create Emails with this fantastic editor, and send them with your preferred E-mail account.
Like the Word editor on your laptop !

If you require to View, Edit, Sum and add CSV files 1 to another, this is the greatest app for you, the functionality in this app is the best. With this high end application you can view, edit, sort, search, save and add CSV files 1 to yet another.

Needed Android O/S : 1.6+

Screenshots :

Download : 9.3Mb APK

Title: Android Office, Word DOC, CSV v3.1 apk
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