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VTL.Launcher 1.7.0 APK

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VTL.Launcher - Tablet Optimized - Scrolling Docks - Scrolling Widgets - And Far more !

VTL.Launcher 1.7.market place.android.com.vtlab.launcher
VTL.Launcher - Tablet Optimized - Scrolling Docks - Scrolling Widgets - And A lot more
VTL.Launcher is a Tablet Optimized Home Screen Replacement App. This app is based off ADW and is ADW Themes Compatible.

  • tablet layout optimized (smaller sized screens will need to play with desktop layout and dock icon size)
  • 3D Screen Transitions (NEW)
  • elastic scrolling
  • 3 individually configurable/toggleable scrollable dock bars created to maximize tablet layouts
  • Show/Hide Buttons for side docks (NEW)
  • individual controls per dock for background/reflection/visibility/icon size
  • icon size for docks can be set different per orientation
  • user folders to location shortcuts to apps, bookmarks, contacts, and so forth.
  • icon changing for user folders and apps.
  • quick action products menu when extended pressing apps, folders and widgets.
  • catalogs for organizing apps in the app drawers
  • swipe actions on app drawer to navigate catalogs
  • uncataloged catalog exactly where new and uncatagorized apps fall
  • 1 to 7 residences screens with sense-like previews
  • configurable action bindings (swipe up, swipe down, home button)
  • extended-hold uninstall on trashcan
  • moveable trashcan
  • hide homescreen icon labels
  • auto rotate orientation
  • program persistence with configurable locked orientation
  • widget size spanning
  • scrollable widget support
  • live wallpaper assistance
  • fullscreen mode
  • backup/restore settings
  • compatible with "most" ADW Themes
Newer Functions : 
  • 3D Screen Transitions. (off by default)
  • Side Dockbar Show/Hide Buttons. (can be turned on/off in settings)
  • Icon quantity per dock is now dynamic depending on dock width, orientation and icon spacing.
  • Settings for Icon Spacing per Dock per Orientation.
  • Icons on Dock now have a dynamically set Layout Alignment/Gravity per Dock per Orientation.
  • Settings for Icon Alignment/Gravity per Dock per Orientation.
  • Individual Dock Controls for Icon Sizing Per Orientation (genuinely large icons could look pixelated). 
  • The Capability to Add/Remove the Bottom Dock. Side Docks Expand to claim the gap left. 
  • Individual Dock Controls for Background/Reflection. 
  • Person Dock Controls for whether or not a dock must be displayed with the app drawer. 
  • Potential to Lock Orientation either Landscape/Portrait for persistence choice. 
  • Icon Changing for User Folders. New Icons then show up on desktop and in Docks. 
  • Revert to Default choice for Icon Changes on products. 
  • UnCataloged Catalog for things which you have not placed in a catalog. New apps land here. This need to be turned on in settings. 
  • Fast Action Item to decide on Catalog. 
  • Fast Action menu capability to the app drawers. Extended press any icon in drawer and don't move it. 
  • Swipe to alter catalogs in the drawer. Up/down in the Horizontal drawer and left/appropriate in the Vertical. 
  • Catalog name to the top of the app drawers.
Essential Android O/S : 2.-2.three.3

Screenshots :

Download : 1Mb APK

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