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TaskKiller Pro v2.1.1 apk

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ncrease the battery life and speed of your telephone. Do the same, longer!

TaskKiller Pro v2.1.1 market place.android.com.taskkiller
Taskkiller Pro helps increase your telephone battery life, speed up your telephone, and handle all your applications. It kills tasks when the screen turns off, sets up black lists, does batch uninstalls, moves apps to the SD card, and tracks memory usage.

Android phones hold unused operating programs in memory. Using several applications in a session can lead to the phones RAM to be overloaded. Overloaded RAM consumes battery and slows down the telephone performances. Taskkiller Pro ends unused tasks kept in memory, thus speeding up your telephone and extend its battery life. You can setup Taskkiller Pro to end unused tasks when the telephone screen turns off by employing the KILL ON PAUSE functionality. You can also setup TaskKiller Pro to finish unused tasks at a provided rate by employing the AUTO KILL functionality. The AUTO KILL functionality can be active only when the telephone is asleep or when the phone screen is on. The mixture of the AUTO KILL and the KILL ON PAUSE functions are very powerful in saving the battery life. Foreground activities can be excluded from the kill approach in order not to cease a perform in progress. Tasks can also be ended manually from the application or by using the Taskkiller widget.

A mixture of four black lists makes it possible for a fine configuration of a activity managed by Taskkiller. The Program black list contains every single application that TaskKiller will by no means end. The Technique black list includes by default any application that was bundled with the phone. The AUTO KILL black list includes the applications that shouldn't be killed at a provided rate. The KILL ON PAUSE black list involves the applications that shouldn't be killed when the telephone screen is turned off. With apps such as MP3 players and GPS trackers, it is a great notion to use the KILL ON PAUSE and the AUTO KILL blacklists as you never want these applications to be killed whilst operating as a background service.

The uninstaller tool is created to help you uninstall one particular or more applications from the phone. It displays the list of installed applications with the location (SD or not), size and setup date. You just have to pick the applications you want to get rid of and click on the Eliminate button to uninstall them all really quickly.

The move 2 SD tool is made to aid you alter the setup place of the phone applications. The tool is only obtainable for Android 2.two and above. Pick applications that can be moved to SD and click on the MOVE two SD button to move chosen applications to the SD card. You can also move applications from the SD card to the phone internal memory. A notification will assist you to know when an installed application can be moved to the SD card.

Necessary Android O/S : 2.2+

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Download : 200Kb APK

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