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Tablet Talk v1.2.6 apk

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Tablet Speak is THE comprehensive SMS app for tablets.

Tablet Talk v1.two.six market.android.com.tabtalk
Send and acquire text messages on your tablet utilizing your mobile number--just as you do on your phone! Tablet Speak integrates practically each feature from your phone’s SMS app, even though also delivering other beneficial functions such as Caller ID. It is a “must have” app for a complete tablet experience.

Tablet Speak works by connecting your tablet and phone over Bluetooth or WiFi, enabling you to text on your tablet anywhere and anytime. At home? Just connect your tablet and phone to your WiFi network. At perform or on the road? Switch to Bluetooth mode and your tablet can SMS without an internet connection.

When you receive a text, it instantly syncs to your tablet. When you send a text from your tablet, it immediately syncs to your telephone, exactly where it is sent employing your mobile quantity. Even status updates for sent SMS sync instantaneously to your tablet.

But what about when you do not have your tablet? Anytime you connect your devices, Tablet Speak will automatically sync any newly sent and received texts to your tablet, guaranteeing your tablet’s inbox is always up to date!

To use Tablet Talk, set up it on both your tablet and phone (you only want to obtain the app When). Setup is quite easy, with detailed guidelines, troubleshooting, and email assistance all accessible from within the app. After the initial setup, connecting is as effortless as pressing a button. Unless your phone’s IP address (WiFi) modifications or you change phones (Bluetooth), there is no require to run setup once again. WiFi and Bluetooth settings are saved separately so switching amongst them is seamless. And alternatives like auto-reconnect lessen the need to have to interact with your telephone whilst utilizing the tablet.

Possessing difficulty using Tablet Speak? Please study via the Support section within the app. For additional assistance, really feel free of charge to e-mail TabletTalkAndroid@gmail.com. There is also an active forum thread which you can use to supply feedback and seek help from the developer and other users (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1206798). If you are nevertheless unsatisfied, you can always send an email for a refund after the Market's 15-minute time window.

If you are employing a custom ROM with Gingerbread and Tablet Speak crashes anytime sending a text, please e-mail TabletTalkAndroid@gmail.com. A permissions difficulty causes this error, and it is not due to a bug in Tablet Talk.

Example Functions:
 Easily share sites, locations, hyperlinks, and more with your tablet’s new SMS abilities. Android’s built-in “Share” choice will incorporate Tablet Talk, so you can share by means of SMS just like on a phone. You can toggle popup notifications for Caller ID, and customize the ringtone/vibrate separately for Caller ID and SMS. On the telephone, you have the alternative to mute notification sounds automatically while connected and to mark text messages as study.

The UI involves the common components of your phone’s SMS app even though producing use of the tablet’s large screen. Texts are organized into conversations, with every contact’s name, photo, message count, and most current text all displayed. Conversations auto arrange by date, and those with unread messages are highlighted. Closing any unfinished message saves it as a draft. Extended pressing a message has regular alternatives such as “Copy message text” and “Forward.” The theme can also be changed from Honeycomb’s default dark style to a light one particular. Now with emoticons, also :-)

Required Android O/S : two.1 +

Screenshots : 


Download : 330Kb APK

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