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Game: Future Ops Premium Online APK

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The Clan Update is now available to all customers!
  • 64 Player Limit Per Server - Reside
  • Totally free Clan creation up to 200 players. - Reside (Create, Invite, Kick, Accept, On the internet / Offline List)
  • Rebuilt Interface - Reside
  • Profile Button to Clan Members existing game - Reside
  • Added Ping show to Server List and HUD
  • Promote / Demote clan members - Wednesday
  • Seeing Arrows above Clan Member's heads. - Wednesday
  • List of All Clans and their Members - Subsequent Week
  • Devoted Voice Servers - Subsequent Week
Most of these attributes are prepared for release, but need to be tested for 24 hours every single

Current VERSION:  1..8.3
Requires ANDROID: 2.two and up
Download Future Ops Premium from 2Shared
27 MB

Title: Game: Future Ops Premium Online APK
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