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Sweet Tree LiveWallpaper Full v1.7 apk

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A live wallpaper that imaged in girl's dream♪

Sweet Tree LiveWallpaper Full v1.7

A reside wallpaper that imaged in girl's dream♪
The girl is surrounding by favourite things in the cute pastel world♪

Attributes : 
  • It is achievable to pick girl’s clothing from three types of clothing.(*Paidversion only)
  • You can pick from 5 sorts of lovely backdrops! (*PaidVersion only)
  • Girl who is play on the swing reacts to the tap♪
  • The rabbit, the sheep, the little bird, the squirrel, and the butterfly also appear. Please tap it♪
  • It is attainable to modify the color of girl's hair. (*PaidVersion only)
  • It corresponds to a horizontal screen.
  • Theme・Key word(girl、dream、sweet、kawaii、pretty、natural、snack、pastel)
Setting approach:
property screen>menu>Wallpaper>Live Wallpaper
  • According to memory conditions,it may possibly not be in a position to set generally. In that case, please restart your transportable terminal and set it once again.
  • If you exit reside wallpaper,it may not be capable to exit generally by utilizing job finish application program such as task killer. Please exit it soon after setting other reside wallpapers.
  • When not usually functioning by updating it, it improves it when carrying out by reinstalling it following uninstalling it.
  • When updating it with setting the wallpaper, the screen could turn black in the case of OS2.1.You can set it correctly by resetting after setting other live wall papers. It is a feature for OS, and it contains enhanced OS2.2.
Needed Android O/S : two.1 +

Screenshots : 
Download : 1Mb APK

Title: Sweet Tree LiveWallpaper Full v1.7 apk
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