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mTorrent v1.37 APK

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Get Your Torrents Anywhere. Watch all the motion pictures you want reside streaming !

mTorrent v1.37 market place.android.com.mtorrent
MTorrent -Download videos, music, Television shows & photographs on your mobile telephone and watch them exactly where ever you go also watch all the motion pictures you want on reside streaming! get all the torrent you want fast with cache.

Characteristics :
  • Search for torrents on the web and mobile.
  • Download torrents such as videos, motion pictures, music, photographs etc. download all known formats such as avi mkv wmv mp4 3gp mp3 jpg gif and so forth.
  • Force start off any torrent to enable rapidly download.
  • Streaming of cache torrents such as films and music -MTorrent is the only mobile torrent application in the planet nowadays that lets you watch from cache. You are able to watch and get other folks torrents such as videos and music and images in a couple of seconds and you do not need to have to wait until the torrent downloads, you can watch it instantly!
  • Watch all the films from cache on live streaming! 
  • The capacity to download torrent even when the application is closed – soon after you download a torrent which is new and not from cache you can close your phone and it will hold downloading even if the application is closed Following awhile you can reopen the application and check the status of the download to see if it is completed 
  • Shops all content material in your "my downlaods" box on your application
Required Android O/S : 1.six +

Screenshots :

Download : 106Kb APK

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