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Droid Crypt v1.2.13 apk

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DroidCrypt - an intelligent and application-oriented file encryption tool. 

Droid Crypt v1.2.13 industry.android.com.encryption
If you are searching for a file en- and decryption answer for your Android smartphone, so check out our new app!
By utilizing DroidCrypt you can be confident that nobody else will be in a position to access your files. Encrypt or decrypt your files and directories. Irrespective of no matter whether you are looking to encrypt images, musik, videos, PDFs or documents.

DroidCrypt handles any type of files. Moreover, DroidCrypt permits you to view your encrypted files with your usual applications. If you imply password typing has served its time, just switch to our orientation-primarily based option.

Important Functions :
  • Recursive, quick and effective en-/decryption of complete folders or individual files employing AES 
  • En-/Decryption of files on internal/external SD 
  • Encrypts photos / pictures, videos, music, PDFs, documents or any content 
  • Viewing contents of encrypted files as usual by means of normal apps, even though DroidCrypt mediate among viewer app and encrypted file - the file remains encrypted afterwards, if preferred 
  • Receiving a number of tasks through external file manager or other applications such as Gallery by "Sent-to" 
  • Resistance against data recovery tools by wipe of unencrypted files 
  • Identification of relevant encrypted files based on chosen password, so any parent folders can be chosen 
  • Encryption in combination to a compression (optional) in order to save your memory 
  • Automated securing that encrypted and not encrypted data are never present at as soon as (and vice versa) 
  • Orientation-based generation of a path as an additional option to passwords 
  • Detailed visualization of encryption and decryption benefits 
  • Comprehensive and powerful data evaluation, especially for detecting non-encrypted files 
  • Ideal achievable faile-protected encryption and decryption of files: your files are safe even in the case of Android OS crash for the duration of the en-/decryption approach 
  • Sturdy focus on applicability as nicely as usability 
  • Accessible languages: English, German 
  • Documentation 
  • Minimum needs with regards to Android permissions: 
★ Full version: Access to the SD card and permission to verify the Android Market License
★Trial version: Access to the SD card and World wide web access for inclusion of marketing Contents

  • Free of charge file manager IO File Manager have to be installed in order to enable comfy folder/file choice.
  • The improvement of DroidCrypt is based on our personal interests to the offered functions and was originally began due to the lack of alternatives that would meet our objectives sufficiently.
  • For these causes, there was the conception of DroidCrypt based on an application orientation. This involves a larger assurance of the safety and does not stop at the minmal permission needs on Android level - right after all, you entrust your robust confidential data with DroidCrypt.
  • Already encrypted files can be sent from external applications, like file managers for example, to DroidCrypt for further distribution to respective applications. In this way, DroidCrypt requires a mediating role by making certain that respective files stay encrypted.
  • Alternatively to getting into a password it is feasible instead to draw a path inside a matrix - either by way of direct interaction or by rotating the mobile device even though holding a button at the very same time (if orientation sensor is obtainable). This reduces the threat of spying out the password via observers.
Needed Android O/S : 2.1 +

Screenshots :

Download : 1.8Mb APK

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