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CF Defense v1.1 apk

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CF Defense is a hot and really appealing FPS game !

CF Defense v1.1 marketplace.android.com.cf.cctivity
Players play a position is the soldiers, a person hold lengthy and narrow beach positions. From the enemy soldiers will appear on the beach, paratroopers, officer, charge boat, such as the battleship units, the player only rely on the hands of the weapons and heart meaningless courage, can block the enemy a wave of a wave of such as the tide of attack.

What is in this version : (UPDATED:November ten, 2013)
  • Fixed a bug where soldiers shows up outdoors the shooting range.
  • Enhanced the texture of guns, far more realistic handling!
  • Soldiers won't pop up from water any longer, they will creeping in silently!
  • Enhanced sounding method, more realistic environmental sound impact!
  • Initial time integrated with "YDX (TM) Graphic Boost Technique", real-time anti-aliasing, giving you visual experience even better the Pc games.
  • Gear up and conquer the battle field!
Now you are the last warrior in front of a fierce war, your mission is to defending the last beach! It will not be that straightforward. Waves of enemy troops are turning out in full strength! The game will simulate joint operation of ground, naval and air forces on vast locations. Good luck! 

Features : 
  • Controls: straightforward to play, easy to discover, can experience the cool feeling of shooting the enemy with gravity method. 
  • Weapons: machine gun and cannon shot, each and every with two sorts and 10 energy upgrades.
  • Characters: male and female characters will bring various feelings to you.
  • Rank: with the enhance of the score, player’s rank will rise progressively and a lot more maps will be unlocked.
  • Scenes: there are 3 scenes in various environments, cloudy day, sunny day and evening.
  • Enemy: you will face five sorts of nicely-equipped enemies.
How to play
  1. Hold the phone by left. Handle through gravity introduction.
  2. Touch the screen to operate and fire.
  3. Aim through rotating your device. Auto-reload or reload yourself (Quicker).
  4. Reload through dragging the bolt.
  5. You are equipped with 3 kinds of guns and two kinds of cannons. Also you have restricted occasions to get in touch with for reinforcement in emergency.
  6. Tap appropriate button to fire. Tap left button to bombard.
  7. Upgrade of shooting price, Magazines carry, power and shot are all integrated in fire upgrade.
  8. Upgrade of shooting rate, energy, running fire rate are all included in cannon upgrade.
  9. Male warrior has five blood points and could update to acquire bonus Female warrior could update to raise the blood cap and shorten the reload time.
  10. Bullet supplies: To use huge capacity magazine carry. 
  11. Cannon supplies: To contact for firepower below coverage only as soon as Medicine supplies: To restore 1 point HP.
Required Android O/S : 1.6+

Screenshots :

Download : 17Mb APK

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