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CallTimer Pro v1.0.7 apk

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CallTimerPro is quite useful if you want to limit the time of incoming and outgoing calls !

CallTimer Pro v1..7

CallTimerPro is really useful if you want to limit the time of incoming and outgoing calls and crucial if you have some sort of strategy where the initial 5, ten, 20 or xx minutes are free! If that is the case, get ready to save some money!

This is the ONLY app in the Market in its category with all these functions working in Gingerbread, Froyo e Eclair:

  • AUTO HANG UP.Now you can even select the delay to hang up once the alert has expired and do this for every contact.
  • AUTO REDIAL. It can be configured for each and every get in touch with according to your needs.
  • CONFIGURE ALERT Times Primarily based ON Every Contact. Set the time of alarms for all your contacts or in a contacts basis for incoming and/or outgoing calls.
  • CONFIGURE VIBRATION ALERT. Select the length of the vibration.
  • CONFIGURE SOUND ALERT. Select the ring tone to be notified and its volume.
  • STATUS BAR NOTIFICATIONS. A notification will be displayed with the configuration of the alarm for the present contact.
  • Actual TIME Get in touch with TRACKING. The timer starts when you hit the get in touch with button or slide the answer button.
  • DIAL IN TWO CLICKS. Dial from within the application to the phones numbers you have configured.
Needed Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots : 

Download : 350Kb APK

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