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Talking Caller ID 2.17 apk

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Talking Caller ID voices the name or quantity of incoming calls, get it now!

Talking Caller ID two.17 (EAM® Exclusive)

 Note: If you are obtaining difficulty, verify that Text-To-Speech is working in your phone's program settings.

Speaking Caller ID speaks the caller id of incoming calls based on your phone's stored contacts.

Speaking Caller ID uses the built-in Android text-to-speech engine to voice the caller id when your phone rings. 
The full (paid) version of Speaking Caller ID is extremely configurable allowing you to customize it to voice the caller id only when you want it to. Whilst the free of charge version is feature restricted, the core functionality is present. The paid version also removes the ads. 
Speaking Caller ID is great for any hands-free atmosphere. Regardless of whether you receive calls while driving or you just never really feel like searching at your telephone Talking Caller ID will tell you who's calling so you don't have to mess with your telephone.

Crucial Attributes 
  • Voices the caller id more than your existing ringtone
  • Silent ringtone incorporated if you only want to hear the speaking
  • Use for all calls, only calls from contacts, only calls from chosen contacts, or only calls from non-contacts
  • Customizable commence message let's you make it say whatever you like just before the caller id
  • Customize the quantity of occasions it repeats
  • Customize voice pitch and speed

Necessary Android O/S : 1.six +
HTC Mecha (Incredible HD)
 Huawei M860

Screenshots :


Download : 109Kb APK

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