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MePlayer Movie Pro v5.3.9 apk

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Discover English although Watching Movies !

MePlayer Film Pro v5.three.9 market place.android.com.movie.english
Playing films in vertical view – watch a movie and read subtitle script at as soon as!
MePlayer Film, Movie English is a movie player for studying language/English that supports SMI and SRT subtitles.
The complete subtitle script can be study by scrolling so that you can study English while watching a film. Words can be found on a dictionary just by clicking at them.

You can study English effortlessly whilst watching film with automatic intelligent replay and repeat.
Just like ordinary video players, you can use this system to watch motion pictures conveniently.

Prior to-Playing Settings
Place a movie file and its subtitle file in a same folder of the device.
It usually supplies MP4 and AVI. The file ought to have the format that is played in the telephone itself.
For flawless playing, we suggest you to encode files to MP4. Subtitles should be in SMI or SRT file formats.

Directions for Use
1. Commence MePlayer Film and choose the item to play from the playlist.
2. Rewind, Pause/Play and Fast Forward functions: Play the buttons on the displayed film.

  • Rewind: Goes back to the final subtitle beginning point.
  • Pause/Play: Displays handle menu.
  • Rapidly Forward: Goes to the subsequent subtitle beginning point.
three. Scroll and find the part you want to see from the subtitle script. Playing will begin from that point by touching the component.
4. Replay: Replays the sentence automatically as a lot of occasions as you chose.

  • Intelligent Replay: Automatically decides number of replays thinking about difficulty of the sentence.
  • Section Replay: Gives convenient section replays by sentences.
five. Repeat: Automatically pauses after playing one sentence just before playing the next sentence. For the duration of the pause, you can study out the subtitle or practice speaking. If the device is set to TTS (Text To Speech), the subtitle will be study by TTS.
six. Subtitle Choice: Korean/English/All subtitles can be selected.
7. Horizontal View <-> Vertical View: The movie can be played in full page by selecting Horizontal View.
eight. Sound Play: When you quit movie playing (by clicking Back button), only the sound of the film can be played like making use of a MP3 player.
9. Dictionary: By touching the subtitle lightly from the film image or by extended clicking the subtitle from the reduced script, the word list will be displayed. When you pick a word to search, the word will be shown in the dictionary.

  • The list of searched words can be employed as the vocabulary list.
  • Delete searched words: Long click words to delete.
  • TTS pronunciation assistance: If you cannot hear the sound, set from the phone choices.
ten. Setting: Resume Play, Dictionary Choice, Horizontal View/Vertical View and other details can be set.

Functions :
  • View SMI or SRT subtitles: Automatically scrolled as the film is played. 1-touch navigation: Rewind, Play/Pause and Quickly Forward by touching film display area. 
  • Subtitle Navigation 
  • Sentence Replay/Intelligent Sentence Replay/Section Replay 
  • Repeat 
  • Dictionary function (Provides various languages in the world with Google dictionary.) 
  • TTS Pronunciation support for subtitle sentences and dictionary 
  • Searched Word List (Vocabulary List) 
  • Motion pictures in Horizontal View/Vertical View (Play in Vertical View) 
  • Play movie in MP3 
  • Continued Play from the last play stopped point 
  • Continued Play 
  • Adjust Subtitle Sync 
  • Listen to subtitles with TTS 
  • Section Replay for chosen subtitle units 
  • Supports Colordict 
  • Record your voice and listen when Shadowing ON. Click memu although playing. 
  • Residence screen Shortcut (dictionary, Resume play, choose a film) 
  • Volume and Biright Control by scrolling (set perference menu)
    Essential Android O/S : 2.1+

    Screenshots :

    Download : 400kB APK

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