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Game: Cockroach Killer 1.0.2 APK

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A group of cockroach are searching for food in the kitchen,they are so hungry that they make a decision to danger their lives for potato chips. Nonetheless,things are not that effortless,a guy is standing there and attempt to kill every cockroach he could see. Either the cockroach consume the potato chips, or they starve to death. Cockroach gets there in a group so the guy might not be in a position to kill them all. The guy also has to shield these potato chips,if he fails to do so,he may well also starve to death. This is a matter of life and death,it's a battle that defines who's gonna survive. Let's see who laughes last.

TAP to punch those cockroaches.

VERSION: 1..two
Demands ANDROID: Armv6 and Armv7

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Title: Game: Cockroach Killer 1.0.2 APK
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