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Cool Volume v3.0 apk

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Adjusts volume automatically primarily based on ambient noise level !

Cool Volume v3.market.android.com.smartvolume
Do you always take place to miss your calls because you never hear the ringtone in noisy streets? Or possibly at times the ringtone is as well loud for a quiet spot such as your office.
This app solves this dilemma by adjusting sound level automatically! It understands how noisy your environment is, and SHAZAM! The volume is as loud as you want it to be.

Attributes :
  • Adjusts Ringtone, voice contact and SMS notification volume just when receiving a call or SMS 
  • So, does not drain telephone battery at all 
  • Adjusts all volumes periodically 
  • Sets minimal and maximal volumes for quiet and busy locations 
  • Sets sensitivity to noise means that with what ambient sound level set what volume. 
  • Shows changed volume notification or performs fully silent 
Needed Android O/S : two.two+

Screenshots :

Download : 400Kb APK

Title: Cool Volume v3.0 apk
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