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Controlled Capture Pro v1.1.06 apk

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Got Control of your camera?

Controlled Capture Pro v1.1.06 market.android.com.controlledcapture.pro
Controlled Capture is the best application to substitute that simple factory installed Camera application on your Android™ phone or tablet.
Controlled Capture not only tends to make it effortless to capture photos and videos it also makes it possible for you to capture time-lapse sequenced pictures automatically, producing time-lapse and slow motion videos. This exposes you to a whole new globe of uses for your phone or tablet’s camera.

Controlled Capture is the only time-lapse Android application that allows you to produce Android video films from your time-lapse image sequences for playback on your Android telephone or tablet, or to share the movie with loved ones and buddies.
Controlled Capture has a very detailed Help section to enable you to learn Controlled Capture so that you can get the most out of the application.
With Controlled Capture you can record slow and fast events, such as a flower opening or a friend’s golf swing, and then observe the intricate details of these events. The flower opening is seemingly sped up and the golf swing can be slowed down frame by frame to let evaluation of the swing.
Controlled Capture also permits you to make quit motion animations with your camera. It is advised that your SD Memory card be at least 16GB with four-8GB cost-free to ensure that you have sufficient space for a long time-lapse session.
In the Video Capture Mode, normal videos are effortless to acquire and it also enables you to take timed videos, which means you set how extended the video is taken so that you too can be integrated in the loved ones movie that you want to share. The constructed-in Video Player makes it possible for you to play back the movie at normal speeds or slowed down so you can see the action frame by frame.

Functions :
  • Capability to generate new and private Project folders 
  • Capability to open an image and use the built-in zoom attributes
  • Capacity to record multiple motion pictures in a single application session
Required Android O/S :  two.two+

Screenshots :

Download : eight.8Mb APK

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