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Backgammon NJ for Android v1.2 apk

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Play & discover backgammon at talent levels ranging from beginner to globe-class !

Backgammon NJ for Android v1.2market place.android.com.backgammonnj
Backgammon NJ for Android is a complete-featured game which makes use of an sophisticated, neural network-based, artificial intelligence. Play against a personal computer AI or against one more individual in 2-player mode on one particular device. Utilizing Tutor Mode & Hints, Backgammon NJ for Android can show you how to enhance your game!

If the above does not describe you, then this game isn't correct for you, and you will not be content playing it. You’ll be significantly happier if you select a distinct game with an simpler AI.

Attributes : 
  • Neural network-based AI
  • 2 game varieties: Standard or Nackgammon
  • four ability levels: Straightforward, Medium, Tough, Expert
  • Mersenne Twister algorithm for random quantity generation
  • Doubling cube
  • Single games or match play up to 25 pts
  • Crawford rule for match play
  • 1-player mode vs. pc
  • two-player mode on 1 device
  • User-friendly, tap-to-move interface
  • Highlighted checker movement possibilities
  • Hint & Undo
  • Discover with Status Meter & Tutor Mode
  • Game & dice stats, like ELO rating & ER
  • Match information: GnuBG ID, win probabilities, & equity
  • E mail .mat match files
  • Choices to reverse board path, resign, use 1-tap moves, auto bearoff, auto finish, & significantly more
This game is greatest for folks :
  • Who recognize the strength of neural network backgammon bots
  • Who want to improve their game by playing against a world-class level AI
  • Who are prepared to use the in-depth, technical characteristics incorporated in the game to prove that it is sincere (http://www.njsoftware.com/note.html)
  • Who have the technical expertise necessary to understand the use of the above attributes
  • Who are prepared to play reduced ability levels if these levels are a lot more suited for their playing talent
  • Who will not insist on only playing the greater skill levels & count on to win regularly against those levels
Essential Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 7Mb APK

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